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It is with the greatest joy that I welcome you to, a site where I offer you
love and inspiration, intuitive energy healing,
channeled readings, and laughter.

We live in a Universe that is the divine creation
of a loving God or Creator or whatever name
you want to give it.  The Universe is powered by
divine energy.

Not everything that is “real” is visible to the
physical eye.

It is possible to know and interact now with the
Spirit World, from which our soul arrives at our
birth and to which it will return upon our
earthly death.  

Each of us has the capacity to know and benefit
from knowing our personal spirit guides if we
desire to do so.

Many of us have joyfully learned to use the
divine energy of the Universe for the benefit of

Through meditation, I have become deeply
connected to my team of spirit guides.  I know
and love them as Arianne, Jonathan (my
gatekeeper), Rose (a joy guide), Archangel
Zadkiel.  I also channel Mary Magdalene,
Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and Mother Teresa
regularly, as well as others such as a collective I
know as Z.  The four mothers have dubbed
themselves The Merry Band of Holy Mothers.  
How cool (and funny!) is that?

My guides have taught me to be a channeller.  I
am able to bring divine healing energy through
my hands to you.  This energy is often perceived
as beneficial heat.  I am also able to channel
insight and information from my guides or your
guides, given  in a channeled reading.

That is the sole purpose of purelightreflections.
com:  to bring you light, love, laughter, healing,
and information from the Other Side.
Purelight Reflections
Contact me at :



Psychic Fair
I am available for
channeled readings every
second Sunday of the
month at the Psychic Fair,
12:00 until 6:00, at
Miracles of Joy, 701 S. Old
Orchard in Lewisville.  Just
drop in at the store, or call
ahead for an appointment,
Next Fair is on May 11th
and 12th. Cost: 25 minutes
for $25.00.
Or for a real bargain you
can opt for a tandem
reading with me and my
channeling buddy Shannon
Adams—two for the price
of one!

My name is Robbie
Haden (Purelight), and
I live with my husband
(The Husband Who
Adores Me) in
Richardson, Texas,
very near Dallas.
We’ve raised four kids
together, cared for
three dozen foster
babies along the way,
and now reap the
rewards of having
eight grandkids. Life is
very good.
At the core of this
good life is the
awesomely loving
relationship THWAM
and I share.  He is my
rock, my staunch
supporter, my anchor
on earth.
He lets me soar and is
there when I land.

I am an ordinary
person enjoying a life
of extraordinary grace
and joy.
Never in my most
hopeful moments did I
expect my
“retirement” to turn
out to be some of the
most creative, and
most productive years
of this lifetime.
Having reached my
seventies and enjoying
good health, I feel
“seasoned” rather
than old.
Every day brings
reminders that I am
young in spirit, loved
by Spirit,
and still have gifts to
give with open-hearted
love.  There is just
nothing better.

Now that you have
found me on this site, I
hope you’ll come
around often to share
in the fun!
The book is about to
launch! I am looking for
people and places that will
help me set up local book
signing opportunities. Can
you help?  Who do you
know?  What
organizations do you
belong to?  I want to get
this book out there to
people who know teens,
love  teens, or worry about
teens! RUN GIRL RUN!