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Purelight Reflections

Readings and Healing

Over the Phone
If you would like to make an appointment for a channelled phone reading with me,
please go to this website to schedule an appointment:


The lovely people at the store Miracles of Joy will help you.  The cost of the 30 minute
reading is $50.00.

In My Home
I am pleased to offer combined channeled readings and spiritual healing sessions in my
home in  Richardson, Tx.  These sessions last about an hour at a cost of $75.00. If you
are a returning client the cost to you is $50.00 just because I value you so highly!

What benefit occurs from your session is entirely between you and your own Higher  
Self (soul).  At the very least you may have a relaxing and entertaining hour.  Some
folks make large or small life changes based on what they receive, others just feel

It’s important to note that my focus is not on mediumship, which is connecting you
with your loved ones who have crossed over, but rather it is opening a channel for the
connection with Spirit guides and entities and allowing them to consider your questions
and deliver messages and insights to you.

If you are interested in booking a session, or you have questions, please email me at:

or phone me at:

In Person Reading - - -
( Or pay In Person )