Spirit Chooses Not To Hear Me When I Say That I Don’t Want To

Today I am thinking about free will. Everybody has it, of course. But in a spirit-directed life, which is what I aspire to, that whole area just gets a little gray.

I may have mentioned before that I’m looking for a group of like-minded people that I can hang out with. I’d like them to be smarter than me, more spiritually developed than me, and willing to let me sit amongst them and learn by association. Somebody else would be the leader; I wouldn’t even have to talk if I didn’t want to. No pressure, no responsibility, just be in the light and watch my universe expand.

In the last few weeks I’ve tried two groups and been really disappointed both times. There just wasn’t enough of the like-mindedness, I guess.

I went to my mentor, the one who has brought me to where I am in development today. I whined to her all about how I just can’t seem to find the right group and please tell me why that is so. She looked at me with one eyebrow raised and said:


Whoa, Nellie, that is not what I wanted to hear. That would require effort, organization, inspiration, leadership, wouldn’t it? So I raised one eyebrow and said, loud enough for spirit to hear:


My mentor just smiled in that knowing psychic way of hers and had nothing else to say.

So I’m exercising my free will and very actively not forming a group. It will happen anyway, of course. Spirit will bring people to me, one by one, looking for like-minded folks, and we’ll all start getting together to talk and laugh and exchange ideas and friendly arguments. So there it will be, a group, probably meeting in my own livingroom. There will be light and lovely energy and I will love it. But I’m going to resist a little bit longer, in the name of free will.

So just think about that.

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