A Marathon At The New Moon Fair

Today I am thinking about the cool event I attended on Friday night at a venue here in town called The Spiritual Fitness Center.  It was a  small psychic fair,  really small if compared to the big ones that travel around the country and are highly advertised.  This was more local, featuring readers from around here, about ten of them set up at tables in two rooms.  The deal was that you paid $45.00 to get in the door and that entitled you to eight 15-minute readings.  You got eight little tickets with which to pay each reader.

I wasn’t sure until the last minute that I wanted to go.  I enjoy getting readings and also giving them, but I didn’t understand the idea of getting read by eight different psychics in one evening.  Isn’t that just shopping around until you get the results you want?  But it turned out that I had a really good time.

By choice, I saw five readers instead of eight.  I had the same basic questions for all of them:  why have my three projects (healing practice, website, and book promotion) suddenly come to a halt?  Things were moving well, but now I’m stuck.  What am I doing wrong, or failing to do?  I’m working really hard and getting nowhere.  How can I fix it?

Of the five readers, (all of whom used some version of tarot cards, by the way!) four of them told me the same thing.  The fifth one seemed way off, but time will tell.

What did they each say, different words but same insights? 

I should stop working so hard and being so hard on myself.  This is a pause in which one phase of my development is ending and another beginning.  This is a resting place, a time to relax before I enter a higher vibration.  My work will change, involving leadership and travel.  My projects will all see fruition, do not doubt it.  Relax, the new times will begin after the first of the year.  Remain open.

I feel good, I am relaxed, I have faith, I can wait. 

Perhaps the greatest gift of that evening is that I met a master teacher who will prepare me for what is coming, for currently I am not grounded well enough to accept the higher vibration, or attuned at a high enough level.  Classes start in November.  And glory, he’s going to start a drum circle!  I’ll keep you posted.


One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.                                               William Feather

Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more, hate less, love more and all good things will be yours.                        Swedish proverb



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