Improved Vision

Today I am thinking about seeing things.

Having read the title, you are expecting this post to be about how pleased I am with my new glasses and how my vision has improved.  Yes, I am extremely happy with them, but that’s not at all what this is about.  This is about having a vision.  (I refer you back to the one about the curandero if you need background.)

Last Friday my friend M. arrived at Curves a little bit behind schedule and a little bit shaken up.  Something had happened on her way to work out, and this is the story she told me:

A man on a motorcycle passed her car on the inside lane of a city street.  He apparently was distracted for a moment and missed the curve, hitting the curb of the divider hard, so hard that the cycle fell in his lane but he was flipped over into the lane going in the opposite direction.  M. stopped as did a couple of other drivers, with one signaling that he was calling 911.   M. waited, knowing that she was a witness to the accident, but she said she did not go to the man to comfort him, to tell him that help was coming.  She still wonders why she didn’t, and wishes so much that she had.  She did not see the man make any movement at all, and felt that he probably hadn’t survived.  His helmet was on the street.  The police and emergency responders arrived quickly.

As M. described the scene to me, I saw it very clearly in my mind, all the details of the place and the position of the motorcycle man and his bike.  There was one extra detail however:  I saw the man standing above his own body, calmly observing the activity around him; the form I saw was white, almost transparent,  a spirit.  He was not in pain and seemed to be considering whether to go or stay.  My feeling was that this was a fatal accident, but that the man would not die at the scene. 

Of course I watched the papers all weekend, but found no mention of a motorcycle accident in town.

M. came to Curves on Monday with the rest of the story.  As she was driving the same route as she had on Friday, she saw five people standing at the spot where the accident had happened.  Something told her to stop and talk to them.  They said they were the man’s family, trying to see exactly how it had happened.  They said that just before M. stopped they had prayed for someone who could tell them the details.  M. did her best to recall everything, but she told me she was stumped when his wife wanted to know just how high he had flown in the air!  Of course, what she really wanted to know was whether he was alone and in pain as he lay in the street.  M. felt that she could share what I had seen in my vision, and the wife was comforted.

The man did not die at the scene, but was taken off life support on Saturday night.

Think about that.


Death is no more than passing from one room into another.  But there’s a difference for me, you know.  Because in that other room I shall be able to see.                                          Helen Keller





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