God Bless the Merry Working Men

It began with an unpleasant smell at the kitchen sink.  We ignored it, hoping it would go away.  It didn’t.  There came the day when every bit of kitchen flotsam (or is it jetsam?) that I had assumed was safely ground up and washed away over the last few months returned to us, a stinking gush backed up into the sink.  THWAM did his best, he really did, but was flummoxed when the dishwasher filled itself up with dirty water and great great gobs of soapsuds.  SOAPSUDS!?!?  I don’t use anything sudsy anywhere near the sink or the dishwasher, unless you count the occasional squirt of antibacterial hand wash, our first line of defense against Swine Flu.

So we called The Plumber, a pleasant fellow who’s done some things around here before, nice clean stuff like install a new refrigerator with ice maker, a new hot water heater.  This time it wasn’t such a nice job, but soon enough he had our drain running clear, advising us to run the water longer when grinding up the messes, which I think I do but obviously don’t.  We love The Plumber and wrote him a check for his good work and sent him away for a good long time.

Now we just needed to clean up the dishwasher, thinking that running it empty through a cycle would do the job.  Well, apparently that’s not a good idea, because by the end the water was still in the bottom, the suds were spewing if you opened the door, and there were alarming popping sounds and an odd smell.  So thus the diswasher died.

We went online to select a new dishwasher from Sears.  Did you know that it is possible to spend OVER $1000 on a dishwasher!!  We had to look hard to find a practical little appliance that just washes, rinses, and dries dishes.  I really think the others must do all that plus vacuum and dust your front room, fold your laundry, and make your kid’s school lunch.  Seriously!  So a hefty chunk of change went on the credit card, and delivery was scheduled.  The two deliverymen were very nice and went the extra mile (1/16 of a mile?) to drive around the alley and bring it in the back.  We didn’t have to give them a check, but I did promise a perfect rating of 5 when I am called about their service.  They were definitely worth a five.

So we called back The Plumber, who of course was more than happy to come and install our new dishwasher and haul away the poor dead carcass of the old one.  And while he was at it, he would also redirect the plumbing so that stuff from the disposal doesn’t back itself into the dishwasher.  All of this was accomplished over several hours of hard labor, and we sent The Plumber away again with a significantly bigger check than the first time.  We are happy with the dishwasher, even though it does make a lot of noise and it doesn’t do any tricks.

Next, in the middle of the coldest week, the furnace began blowing only cold air, and it refused to shut off.  You could hear it laughing at us as we shivered and complained bitterly.  Of course we called the Furnace Man, who fortunately came early the morning following a night of temperatures in the low 20’s.  He set to work, went off to buy a valve, and by lunch time blessed warmth had returned to our home.  Now we love our Furnace Man, who went off with the biggest check of all.  Warmth on a cold day is nearly priceless!

Practically at the same moment that the Furnace Man was driving away in his truck, one of our toilets was refusing to fill itself up after flushing.  We won’t be calling The Plumber on this one.  THWAM will fix it, but right now he is so exhausted from writing all those checks and such that I don’t know when he’ll get to it.  So if you need to use the toilet at our house, just remember to take the lid off the tank and lift up that little thingy in there and let the water in for the next person who needs to flush.  It’s the polite thing to do.

And finally:  We have a spectacular Christmas lighting display on our house, as we do every year.  It takes us three days to put it up, three days to come down.  Did I mention it’s spectacular?  But we’ve just blown a fuse or something on one string, and half the lights aren’t working, making the display look lopsided and peculiar.  I’m just not going to mention it to THWAM until the outside temperature rises a bit. 

I hope YOU are having a minor-disaster-free holiday season!


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One Response to “God Bless the Merry Working Men”

  1. I, Rodius on December 10th, 2009 at 8:13 am

    Sounds like fun! My only disaster so far is the electrician who accidentally drilled a hole into the brand new wall I just made. Then he lavished praise on my wall-making abilities, telling me I’m obviously so skillful that it’ll be no problem for me to fix! He won’t be added to our Christmas card list…