Out of Pot 1 and Into Pot 2

As you surely know by now, I do my best to live an intuitive, spirit-driven life.  I’ve learned to pay attention and act upon the guidance I receive from my team of spirit guides.  They’ve led me to people, places, and experiences I would have missed entirely without their relentless nudging.  Believe me, I live in gratitude for the blessings.

Three years ago, or maybe more than that now, I felt compelled to work with clay.  Nothing and nobody in my earthly life ever made such a suggestion, it was just heaven-sent, my team at work.  I took classes, I learned new skills and met new people.  I found unexpected glee in putting my hands in the clay on the wheel and turning it into something.  I turned it into pots, little pots, fun pots, silly pots–pots and more pots.  It was such a joyful thing to do.

And then I stopped doing it.  I was done.  Not sad or frustrated or bored, just done.  Spirit said it was time for something new.

If anyone out there has a use for the 75 pounds of unopened stoneware clay that is sitting here in my office, all you have to do is come get it.  Please.  I’ll even throw in a well-used potter’s apron and some basic tools.  Think about it.  Maybe ceramics is YOUR next new joy!

I waited happily for heaven to send the next bulletin concerning my new activity.  I was pretty sure it would be something creative to be done with my hands.  I kept sending this thought into the universe, intensely, to head off trouble:  “Please, please don’t say sewing.  I really hate sewing, and sewing hates me.  Please, don’t say sewing.”

Well, they didn’t say sewing; they said COOKING.  Oh, yikes! 

I don’t have a good history with cooking, it doesn’t come naturally to me.  I managed to put food on the table while the kids were growing up, but I know they don’t have warm-fuzzy memories of it.  I pretty much raised them on baloney and cheese sandwiches and thought that was okay nutritionally.  What I most hope they remember about their mom’s cooking is that we usually ate it together around a table, and that we talked to each other while we ate it.

I have issues with food and eating, always have.  I have finally achieved a semi-peaceful relationship with it since spirit directed me to become a semi-vegetarian.  They said it was necessary for the development of intuitive clarity; I don’t eat meat or fish or cheese, and allow other dairy only as it is incorporated in a recipe and is far down on the ingredients list.  Fortunately, I really like eggs.  As a result of these dietary changes, I am in good health, I feel good, and my weight is as stable as it has ever been.  I am still obese, but not as obese as I used to be.  And I do have clarity.

But I don’t really cook, certainly not for fun, tending to fall back on frozen veggies and the prepared stuff with the lists of chemical ingredients.  And that seems to be the message, learn to cook for fun and good nutrition, go more organic, make REAL FOOD.  So far I am having fun collecting recipes and looking at fascinating cooking gadgets, and thinking about the food I will cook in the future and how good it will be. 

And I’m positive I’ll need at least one good new pot.


To get the best results, you must talk to your vegetables.                                        Charles, Prince of Wales (Son of Elizabeth II)

Vegetarianism is harmless enough, though it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness.                  Sir Robert Hutchinson

Please understand the reason why Chinese vegetables taste so good.  It is simple.  The Chinese do not cook them, they just threaten them.                 Jeff Shaw


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3 Responses to “Out of Pot 1 and Into Pot 2”

  1. I, Rodius on January 11th, 2010 at 8:56 am

    Wow. Cooking is an art I’ve always wanted to want to learn, but it’s never quite stuck. Does this mean your pals at the local diner will be wondering what ever became of you?

  2. Purelight on January 11th, 2010 at 10:06 am

    No, I will never give up that beloved diner. I’ve been known to show up there three or four times in one week! It’s like that place where “everybody knows your name” except in this case everybody knows to bring me “the usual.” I love that.

  3. Meg on January 11th, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    I have recently ventured into cooking myself and really like it. I am (or trying to) switch from buying all the prepackaged things to fresh things. Some have been a hit, others not so much, but the kids are learning some great lessons in how to tell mom they don’t like it without hurting my feelings. I also got a great cookbook from Jeannene (sp) for Christmas.

    Good Luck in your new adventure. I hope you are liking it as much as Rik and I are (the kids are no so sure how they feel about it :)).