She Called to Say She’s Still Alive

It was Mary shouting into the phone yesterday, “I’m alive and I’m home! Did you do your words?” Yes indeed, she’s a crackerjack.

The hospital stay lasted a month, and I don’t think she remembers that she called here twice during that time. She’s home now, but not really, since her children have moved her from her upstairs apartment to one on the ground floor.  And her daughter has moved in too; this is the daughter who drives Mary nuts in every way that it is possible to drive somebody nuts.

So Mary is totally pissed on many fronts.  All of her possessions are in boxes and she can’t find anything. I imagine this creates terrible stress for a blind person who has relied on memorizing her surroundings to achieve a level of comfort and independence. Her children will not put things to rights correctly or quickly enough, I’m sure. They threatened to get rid of her piano, but apparently she threw a good hissy fit over that and the piano stayed.

Her cat is fine and has adjusted to the move; that’s the good news.

Thankfully, I did my words every single day on the chance that Mary would call, so I did not disappoint her when she did.  We agreed that the word “veinlet” was the biggest challenge, but all in all it was an easy Scrabble day.

I told her to feel free to vent her frustrations on me in the daily call, then she could remain calm when dealing with family.  She said she would, adding, “I’m going to be good, I really am!”

Well, we’ll see about that.





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One Response to “She Called to Say She’s Still Alive”

  1. I, Rodius on July 6th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Oh good! I’m glad she’s back in action and still full of the vim and the vigor!