Me in a Little Bottle

A few weeks after returning from the crazy-wonderful Sedona trip, I followed a spiritual nudge to an afternoon event at the Spiritual Fitness Center here in town.  I had no known purpose in going except for the message in my head that said,  “you will talk with someone you already know.”  I’ve learned to just go with the messages and not to bother with too many questions, for there’s always a positive outcome.

The person I found there was Ruthie, whom I do know as a casual acquaintance.  At this event she was showing her essential oils, which are described here:   Ruthie is a fully-trained and accredited practitioner in the creation and use of custom-blend essential oils.  Within a few days of our meeting I decided I would like to hire her to create a blend for me.

The process began with a 2-hour interview with Ruthie in her home.  She starts with a questionaire and a recorder, but soon it becomes just a good conversation between friends.  It’s easy to talk when you have a listener who really wants to hear your story!  She told me that she would get to work on my blend, using both a complicated standardized matrix and her own intuition.  She said it would be a few weeks before I would hear from her because the work is quite detailed, painstaking, and time-consuming.

So in due time my oils were delivered to me at home.  I received a small bottle w/dropper containing the potency blend, and a very small bottle that contains only water and the essence of the blend.  If that little bottle were tested, it would be found to contain no trace of the ingredients of the blend, yet it carries the strong scent and the working essences of the ingredients.

My blend (based on my life story, my aura, Ruthie’s perceptions of me, etc.) contains thirteen ingredients, some familiar to me, others not so much.  They are lavender, grapefruit, angelica, blue chamomile, cedarwood, peppermint, hemp, catnip, cistus, fenugreek, silver fir, cacao, thuja (trace amount only).

The instructions are specific:  for the potency blend use 12 drops under tongue, hold in mouth for 1 minute before swallowing.  Wait two days and take a second dose, then once a week for two weeks, then every other week or less frequently as desired.  From the little essence bottle inhale 2 drops from wrists 2-3 times weekly.  (do not use internally)  There are also instructions for adding to bath water, but I’m pretty much a shower girl myself.

I have followed the instructions, and I’m not sure what to think.  I know that since using the oils, my spiritual life has revved up considerably.  By that I mean that my experiences channeling spirit masters for messages have increased in clarity, ease, and confidence.  My feeling of being connected to spirit all the time is enhanced.  My psychic readings for clients have become easier, clearer, deeper, and I love doing them.  I find the deepest joy in this work.  I am exceedingly happy.

So, do I say that the oils have kicked things up a notch?  Do I say it was more likely Sedona?  Do I say it’s just a natural evolution that would have happened without any outside help?

What I say is, does it matter?  I love using the oils, which by the way don’t smell at all like perfume; I guess they smell like me.  I  find the scent neither pleasant nor unpleasant, but quite rich and earthy.  My essence?



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