It’s a Whole New Crew

Okay, by now you know that I live with one foot in the physical world and one in the spiritual world. It’s a wonderful life and I no longer apologize for it, or minimize it, or disguise it.  I embrace it.

My first conscious connection with spirit guides was with a group who called themselves The Assembly. They were my educators, and they led me through a very specific learning program that included things like what books to read, what classes and workshops to take, how and when to meditate, how to eat well for better clarity, stuff like that.  They also led me to the people and places I needed to know.

I spent a year of pretty intense practice in doing healing and readings here at home, with clients almost magically showing up at my door. Then they sent me right into channeling, and I have been doing those classes for more than a year at a place called Miracles of Joy in Lewisville, Tx. The place is like home to me now, and I have had such a good time there, and met amazing colleagues.

Channeling is simple, really, and anybody can do it.  It’s just allowing spirit to enter and use your physical body to communicate with the physical world.  “Allowing” is the key here, learning to move aside, open your heart chakra, and allow it to happen.  I am a conscious channeler, which means I am aware when spirit enters and speaks, although afterwards I don’t always remember many details of what was said. If the message is meant for me I’ll remember it, but if it is for others, I might not.  Now that I have had many months of practice, the process is quite easy.

Actually, you’ve undoubtedly channeled spirit yourself without realizing it.  Think of a time when you had a conversation with someone who was needing advice or insight or comfort, and you looked at them and said the absolutely perfect thing, the wisest thing, the most helpful thing, spontaneously.  You surprised yourself with your wisdom, thinking”where did that come from?” thoughts. Trust me, it came through you from a higher source, not from you. Cool, huh?

What specific spirit energies (it’s all energy in that world) do I channel?  Well, there’s been a variety, some recognized and named, some not. I have no name for the energy that came through me and spoke wisely and eloquently to the group at the time of the killing of Bin Laden.  I had the pleasure of several months with an energy that called itself Sterling. Sterling taught us about the importance of fun and joy and light. He embarrassed me at times or made me feel silly, yet I loved him dearly and I was sad when he said good-by to us. I still miss that goofy energy that taught me to chill out, go with the flow, whatever.

Imagine my astonishment when, after I’d had about a week of being aware of blue energy around me, Jesus’ mom Mother Mary popped in to speak to us about the need for love and compassion in our lives, specifically urging us to seek opportunities to extend these to children and animals. She then spoke personally and meaningfully to each person in the room. That was an occasion! I admit to feeling humbled and unworthy as the vessel, though I have since learned we’re each totally worthy, no difference, no hierarchy of worthiness at all. Again, so cool.

I have become quite sure that what I want most to do right now is to teach what I know and to give accurate and helpful readings. So in meditation I have been asking for spiritual help in these two specific areas.  You might not ever guess who has shown up to take the job!

There are four of them.  They came through together at my group meeting last Friday night.  I had no idea I could channel four energies at once, but it was explained that they are able to do it because “this one”(referring to me) is able to open her heart chakra to allow their entwined energies to enter, and also because “this one” has put to rest any feelings of unworthiness.  I say, YAY for this one!

For the four, there was one spokesperson, and she felt pretty strong and feisty and kind of funny.  She made the group guess who the four were, and they only got two: Mother Mary (yes) and Quon Yin (yes).  The biggest surprise is Mother Teresa. The speaker introduced herself as The Magdalene. They will be with me, she said, simply because I asked for help.

So that’s my new crew: Mother Mary, Quon Yin, Mother Teresa, and Mary Magdalene, just us girls. I’ve saved the best for last: they refer to themselves as The Merry Band of Holy Mothers.

Gotta love it!




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One Response to “It’s a Whole New Crew”

  1. martha bailey on August 23rd, 2011 at 10:50 am

    That is amazing! You are so blessed as is everyone around you but then you worked for it and earned it. I do not want to push your ego up but you are the most amazing person I know.