A Book Report

MESSAGES FROM THE BODY (Their Psychological Meaning), by Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D.

This truly is a Very Big Book, 726 pages, 8.5 x 11, spiral-bound. It’s got some physical heft to it, as well as a hefty price. It might very well turn out to be worth the money, or maybe not. I haven’t decided yet.

The author began in the fifties and sixties as a clinical psychologist, and over the years he gathered a wealth of experience treating all sorts of mental/psychological disorders, including everything from emotionally disturbed children to murderers, psychotics, suicides, and so on in a very wide and diverse spectrum. His work was innovative and respected in the field.

Eventually, he says, he received a message from the “Cosmos” that he should become a “turban-wearing American Sikh.” This led him to develop a profound understanding of the sacred and Cosmic realm. He calls all of the work that came after this his “sacred teacher” destiny.

I have long believed that we have the ability to heal ourselves, and have even had some limited success for myself. I believe the Universe is a source, available to all, of Divine healing energy. So Dr. Lincoln’s book has caught my interest. He brings the psychology to the spiritual.

He is sharing his belief that understanding the psychological source of our disease allows us to change how we perceive ourselves and thus achieve “wholeness” or healing. I’m going to quote three paragraphs here that particularly resonate with me and sum up the core of what I think this really big book is about.

“…things like reverence of self, faith in one’s ability and right to survive, thrive and heal, self-love and self-acceptance, a sense of the goodness of the self, self-commitment, trust in the operations of the Cosmos, commitment to the community, etc., are all highly effective preventatives and correctives for illnesses.”

“In addition, such activities as selfless service, using knowledge to help others and thereby to increase one’s own knowledge, caring for others, being a part of a social support system, developing and maintaining a God-connection, relaxation exercises, and self-hypnosis greatly strengthen the immune system and generate physical health.”

“Healing is ‘wholing’–manifesting all of our potentials and becoming one with All That Is. It is restoring the integrated and flowing manifestational process of being ‘at one with’ the Cosmos in your consciousness and in your way of being.”

Okay, I get that, I really do.

Most of the book is what he calls a “Dictionary” of physical conditions and diseases. For each entry there are listed many many possible psychological causes. It is up to you to sift through and find what most applies to you. Recognition of yourself leads to insight.

I picked four physical ailments of my own to investigate in the dictionary: high blood pressure, leg cramps, diabetes, obesity. Then I set out to see what I could glean. I did indeed find myself among the many possible causes listed for each of my ailments. I’ll show you what I mean:

High blood pressure: they are hyper-responsible…tend to overeat and be over-weight…they were never given the message that who they are is enough and that what they accomplished filled the bill…abandoned at an early age…perfection expecting…dread of failure…”achieveaholic”…perfectionistically disappointed in themselves. Yep, that’s me.

Leg cramps: hyper-vigilant…unable to relax and let go…willful and stubborn…having to confront issues they have been putting off for some time (perhaps lifetimes.) Yep again.

Diabetes type II: desperate longing to belong…believing that they don’t deserve any better…turned to self-maintaining love-substitutes such as carbohydrates, sugars. Oh yeah.

Obesity: insecurity…fearfulness and a need for “protection”…self-medication in the form of food intake for “filling the hole inside”…anger-absorber..a way to avoid vulnerability…reflects insecurity and self-rejection,feelings of deprivation, scarcity and loss. Most interesting–Grounding and protection. It can represent a process of keeping the person here and safer when they are channeling Cosmic or “other realm” energies or entities. Yes, and yes.

I know that the long-lasting, deep-seated negative beliefs about self that I have held so long are totally false. Bunkum. Lies. Garbage. Now that I’ve seen them in print and recognized them, it’s time to dump them. The author pretty much cites our early life in our family of origin as the source of the problems, and I’d have to agree with that.

I’m giving myself much better messages now than what I got back then, and I absolutely believe in these truths: I am a worthy human being, I am loveable, I am perfect as I am, and I am shining my light in my life. That’s it.

Will it help with the physical symptoms? I don’t know, but it sure can’t hurt.

So, if you want to borrow my Very Big Book to learn something about yourself, I’m happy to share.


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2 Responses to “A Book Report”

  1. martha bailey on December 2nd, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Wow! This book sounds very interesting! I would like to borrow it sometime so put me on the list.

  2. martha bailey on December 2nd, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Wow! This book sounds very interesting! I would like to borrow it sometime so put me on the list.