Talking to dead people . . .

. . . is something I thought I would never want to do. But growth happens and times change and the old advice about never say never still holds true.

In January I began taking a once-a-month mediumship class under an excellent instructor, and I was immediately hooked on exploring this new, um, skill, I guess you’d call it. Or maybe gift would be a better word, but I think wording hardly matters here.

Instructor D is careful to make sure we understand the difference between channeling, with which I am quite familiar, and mediumship. In channeling you allow energetics to settle in and speak through you. In mediumship you invite those who have crossed over from this side to the other to come and sit with you in Spirit. And then if they trust you, they may give you a message for a living loved one, a message which you then have the honor of delivering.

Have you ever seen John Edward on TV? It’s like that. I never pictured myself being anything like John Edward, though I’ve always liked to watch him work.

I had my second class with D just this last Thursday evening, and I’m going to tell you how it went.

D starts our class of 10-12 people with chakra clearing, grounding, and a short guided meditation. He’s very good and I knew that I had responded well and gone into the relaxed state in which I am most receptive to whatever is going to happen. The rest of the class time would be devoted to members volunteering to share what they were getting, if anything. I immediately became aware of someone with me, but I’d be darned if I’d be the first volunteer–not my style!

So I was the second volunteer. Here’s how the dialogue went between student (me) and teacher (D), as well as I can recall it.
D: Who do you have with you?

Me: I have a young woman.

D: Can you describe her appearance?

Me: Yes. She’s wearing a white top and blue jeans and is barefoot. She has long dark hair which at first hid her face, but now she has let me see her fully. She is seated cross-legged in the grass.

D: Can anyone in the class take this as someone you recognize, or might recognize with more information? (no response from class)

D: All right, ask for more evidence (information).

Me: She says that she was a wild child and caused much heartache in her family.

D: Anybody? Okay, keep going.

Me: She says that there is some question about how or why she died. She wants her family to know that her death was accidental, not on purpose. She did not choose to die.

D: Ask her how she died.

Me: She says there were two things, drugs and bang! a sudden crash. (Still no one in the class can claim her.)

D: Ask her how old she was when she died.

Me: Out of her teens, but not much.

D: Ask her what her relationship is to the person she intends to get her message.

Me: It feels like maybe brother, but not really a brother, oh maybe a step. I don’t know.

D: Anything else?

Me: I am feeling sadness and regret. She says that she left something very valuable behind, I think it might be a child, and she is so sorry. She says she wants her family to know that, and that she has a very different view of things now.

D: Good work. Now I will tell you that this message was for me, and I can fill in the details. This is Tanya, and I am not her brother but am her step-uncle. I recognized her early on because your description of her sitting barefoot in the grass was so her. Tanya was a wild child, did do drugs, was killed in a car crash at age 21 or 22. She left behind two children who are being raised by her mother.

I will share Tanya’s message with my family members, who will be moved and grateful to hear it. Thank you for bringing it through.

D then spoke about the timing of how spirit works. In December his mother died and he traveled home for her funeral, where he reconnected with many family members he hadn’t seen in a long time, including Tanya’s family. He felt that opened the way for her to come through now.

So now I can hardly wait until next month to do it again and learn more.


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2 Responses to “Talking to dead people . . .”

  1. Anne on February 24th, 2012 at 4:04 pm

    WOW! Anne

  2. Martha Bailey on March 4th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    How exciting and wonderful. It really helps in the healing of grief for family members to know things like that.