Remembering Last Night

The Channel Panel event turned out to be a helluva lot of fun!  It began with six crazy good friends turning up for dinner together at my favorite vegan restaurant, Veggie Garden.  I had called ahead to warn manager Andrew that we were headed his way, and he took excellent care of us.  I had only been to the lunch buffet before, but this was a sit-down dinner with red cloth napkins, very special.  I had the lettuce wraps, delicious and not too much, and everyone else seemed to enjoy their choices.  Of course it wasn’t about the food, it was about the laughter and relentless teasing that goes on with us.  Our party consisted of the Channel Panel (Shannon, Matthew, and me), our newly dubbed “manager” Heather, and Tia and young Alex.  God, I love those people and all the joy they bring into my life!

From there it was just a short hop over to the community meeting room at the bank.  It was all set up with three chairs lined up in front and formally aligned chairs for the audience.  We didn’t feel at home until we had ditched the microphone and brought the audience closer in a way looser and friendlier arrangement.  Soon the group of 20 or so had settled in and the three of us took the chairs lined up in the front.  I described my middle position as “a rose between two thorns” and boy, that was an accurate description.  Those two guys are nuts, and not always well-behaved!

I can’t tell you all the details about what went on over the next two-and-a-half hours, except that they passed quickly, because when I have relaxed and breathed myself down until I am “in state” for channeling, I don’t remember much afterward.  I am conscious while it’s happening but then I pretty much lose the memory.  Matthew is an “unconscious” channel who says his mind goes somewhere else, but then later memory kind of seeps back in to his consciousness.  Shannon is more aware at the time and retains clearer memories of what occurred.

As the audience members came in, they were invited to write down any questions they had for the panel.  The questions were then put in a basket and drawn out one at a time to be answered by whatever Spirit happened to be present with one of us panel members.  Heather would designate who was up to receive the question and then read it out loud.  This elaborate system was devised to protect the anonymity of the questioner, but most of the time there were follow-up questions, comments, and conversation among the spirit entities present and the audience members so that cover was quickly blown.  Nobody seemed to mind.  Entities and audience mingled quite comfortably together and there were serious moments of thought and consideration over answers given and elaborated upon, followed by delightful moments of raucous laughter.  Sometimes those entities can be quite naughty or mischievous or downright silly, and the laughter that follows is healing in its purest form.  (I’m talking to you, Matthew and Shannon!)

I can name a few of our visitors, if you’re interested–just skip this part if you’re not.  Matthew brought through his beloved Aleah (Isis), as well as a bossy James who wanted to change the rules of the game, plus a very funny exaggeratedly gay hairdresser by the name of Wade whom the audience found to be super-delightful and hilariously funny. We also had the sweet and gentle unicorn named Satsuma who doesn’t speak but signs instead.  He spontaneously did some healing with three ladies who seemed to receive what he gave gratefully and with joy and understanding.

Shannon had a sweet and funny ET who seemed to be a water creature, perhaps similar to a manatee, perhaps not; he called himself Bow-Sum and advised those who felt they’ve lost their spiritual way to jump back in to the safe and loving water where their friends will love and support them and they will be renewed.  There was also the sexy charming borderline-lewd Lady Vee, who picked a fine looking gent with whom to flirt unmercifully, to his delight and chagrin.  She always comes around to a meaningful message in the end, but I’ll be darned if I can remember it now.  I wonder if the gent does.

I know that I brought through the Mothers for many of the questions and they spoke with love and compassion and addressed their questions well enough.  Then there was the one Zee who is a conversationalist and wants to engage everybody in discussion but won’t allow me to open my eyes.  And there was Rose, my little joy guide who played and encouraged all present to call forth their own joy guides.  I remember that she instructed them to shout out loud HEY JOY GUIDE!  COME I NEED YOU!  with assurance that they would indeed come to cheer you up and help you appreciate the joys available to you every day on earth.

Chuck, who is the leader of that group and who invited us to come and play with them, seemed happy with what occurred.  It’s reported that he remarked or wrote somewhere that the evening was like nothing he’d ever experienced before and he was amazed, we took it to a new dimension and that he can’t wait to do it again.  That’s very satisfactory for our first venture out of our home port at Miracles of Joy in Lewisville.  Thanks for the opportunity, Chuck!


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  1. Heart Song Mama on March 10th, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    Love to you Robbie!!! It was a great evening of fun!