Remembering Toronto

WARNING!  If you don’t want to know how Spirit works in my life, don’t read this post.  It’s going to be full of that stuff!

So Anne and I were off to Toronto last Friday morning to attend the Hay House “I Can Do It” Conference.  Believe me when I say I couldn’t have even gotten off the ground if I’d been flying alone because I have no idea how airports work anymore. But all I had to do was follow Anne around and just do what she did.  Spirit knew I would need a patient guide for the whole trip and it is no coincidence that I got Anne.

I’m not kidding when I say I needed guidance the whole four days.  I wrote once about how I lost my mind in Sedona and THWAM was there to steer me from one place to the other.  Anne had the same job in Toronto, for I could not remember where we were, where we were going, or how to get there even after several walks back and forth. Anne and her map saved me.  I also lost things all the time, couldn’t keep track of anything, money or schedules or my room key or my passport or the shuttle ticket or–well, you get the idea.  It was pitiful.  These places and events that have high positive energy just send me flying somehow, and I am not entirely myself. Really, I become so spirit-connected I can hardly function in the physical world.  But oh how I love being in such a state!

We found Toronto to be a lovely friendly city.  We stayed at the Hilton Toronto, which was fine in every way if you don’t mind cheap toilet paper.  Their breakfast buffet (not the free kind) was elegant and delicious.  Anne dined on wonderful eggs benedict every morning, and I was thrilled to find really delicious oatmeal and excellent fresh fruit and some potato wedges that were my splurge.

I had feared that as a vegan I would starve to death in Toronto; I even packed some nutritious nut snacks in case of emergency.  Not to worry!  We dined very well every day, choosing to eat twice at The Loving Hut (totally vegan), once at a lovely little Asian place where the mango salad and spring rolls were to die for, and once at an Italian café where I just asked that they leave the garlic butter off the bruschetta.  Spirit would never send me off to a city where I couldn’t eat properly.  (Doreen Virtue commented in her conference presentation that she and her husband just don’t travel to cities that don’t have a Loving Hut restaurant!)

Everything we needed was within walking distance of our hotel.  Now I’m not a big walker, so I really felt it physically in my legs, hips, knees–yikes!  But that Anne, she’s a walker; I could pretty much say she walked my ass off!  But I kept up, even all the way down to the harbor and back, for I had to be able to say I had seen a part of Lake Ontario.  We also learned that Toronto has another city underground with shops and businesses below the streets so that in winter the citizens can go about their errands protected from the bitter cold.  Sounds like a smart idea, but we did not explore there.

Before we left Dallas I asked Spirit to please see that everything about this trip would go smoothly, no glitches, delays, or foul-ups of any kind, and also to make sure the weather was pleasant.  And that’s exactly how it went.  It was raining when we arrived and Saturday was predicted to be rainy in the morning and storming in the afternoon.  Well of course the rain soon stopped and both Saturday and Sunday were dry and mostly sunny days with highs in the low 70’s.  Perfect.  I am sending gratitude.

The Conference was great.  Those Hay House people really know how to keep things organized and rolling on time.  The venue, Roy Thompson Hall, was perfect with comfy enough seats and great acoustics.  The fifteen speakers were all authors you have probably heard of or seen if you are at all into the spiritual/self-help subjects.  The energy in the hall was very high (the other audience members were just as buzzed as I was) but it also felt extremely safe and healing.  I am often uncomfortable in large energetic groups but I was fine here–well, until the very last speaker, Bruce Lipton.  He was getting pretty scientific and I was tired and I just looked at Anne and said I thought my head was going to explode after two such full days.  She agreed and we got up and left.  Sorry, Bruce, I’m sure your talk was just as inspiring as all the others!

I’ll spare you details of all the presentations, but will say that they were all positive and informative and inspiring.  Since these people appear at many of these events every year, I was afraid they might feel sort of canned or by rote or something, but they were far from that.  They were all energetic and positive and excited to be there (and many were very funny as well), and I appreciated that.  Spirit would not lead me to a place where I would be less than inspired!  Those I would mention that I particularly enjoyed were Wayne Dyer, Nancy Levin, Kris Carr, Michael Chase, Cheryl Richardson, and Julie Daniluk.  Doreen Virtue’s presentation was fine, but since I feel I am already connected with angels there was nothing new there.  She was funnier than I expected though.

Yes, I had my hour of signing my RUN GIRL RUN books, and I LOVED IT!!!  The bigwig presenters were selling their books and then signing them.  We more lowly Balboa authors were giving our books away and signing them.  I signed all 75 copies that were provided and got to speak with 75 people in the process.  The people who lined up were just coming for a free book, not really knowing what was being given away.  But here’s where Spirit really worked the magic!  I had the moms and grandmothers and aunts and a few dads come through my line, but time after time I also had people who said they work with teens or teach them in school, or work in shelters, or are counselors of teens, or lead groups of teens, and on and on.  These are the people I need most to reach, and Spirit made sure they were in my line.  Am I grateful?  You bet!

I do not know if being at this conference will have any effect at all on RUN GIRL RUN.  But it did have an effect on me, for I came home lifted up, re-inspired, and aware again of who I am and what I am here to do.  I was reminded to love and value MYSELF as well as others.  I had been sinking a bit lately and this experience has served me well.

In fact, I am so inspired I have already booked another trip, this time to a weekend in San Francisco in early October.  It is the Hay House Writer’s Workshop, offering some very practical training in how to be a published writer.  I just started out by channeling a book, but now I am stuck because I don’t know what to do with it.  Spirit is now making it plain that “You have to do the work.”  Okay, I am signed up to do that, and I’m excited about it.  This time I’ll be going solo but I feel confident I can do it now that Anne has shown me the way.

So stay tuned.


PS.  There will be pictures here in a day or two!

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3 Responses to “Remembering Toronto”

  1. I, Rodius on July 4th, 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Way to get out there, Mom! I’m working on pushing my comfort levels and connecting with people, too. Glad you found what you were looking for!

  2. Shannon on July 5th, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Look at you indeed! I have no doubt you’ll be hearing from some of those people. Wonderful stuff!

  3. Martha Bailey on July 10th, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    WOW! It is so great that you are the inspired one. I have no doubt the you probably did some inspiring, too.