This Is How It Happened

Over the summer I had a lot of trouble with my eyes.  It was determined that I needed surgery to correct a “wonky” eye that was causing poor/double vision.  I was fine with that but then the surgeon said no surgery, you need to try glasses with prisms instead.  Don’t ask me to explain how prisms in lenses work, but THWAM (the husband who adores me) has them and he does okay.

The first new lenses in the pretty blue frames I picked were just awful.  I tried for two weeks to adjust, no good.  Turned out the prisms were upside down.  What??!!  Got a new pair.  After a little time these glasses worked well for distance, but the bifocal part was a bust.  The doc said he couldn’t make them any better.  This meant I couldn’t read or work on the computer comfortably or clearly see the food on my plate or watch what my feet were doing when I walked.  I decided to be grateful for what I could do easily and just do the best I could with the rest of it.  I was regularly asking Spirit for help in accepting what is, and moving on.

By the end of August I felt funny, out-of-sorts, not myself, like my joy had taken a leave of absence.  I didn’t like it but assumed it would pass if I ignored it.  Then my head started to hurt.  One Saturday it hurt so bad I self-diagnosed a brain tumor, telling THWAM I’d be calling the doctor on Monday to find out what to do about what was obviously an evil growth in my head.  Hmm, now that I think about it, he didn’t seem overly alarmed at the news.

Now I will tell you exactly what happened the next day.  I clearly heard a voice in my head.  Well, let’s face it, I’m always hearing voices in my head.  But this one said, “PUT ON YOUR OLD GLASSES.”  Huh?!  I had nearly tossed those old no-good-anymore glasses, but then I didn’t do it.

So I put on my old glasses and I have been wearing them steadily ever since.  My vision with them is clear and I do not have any double vision.  The bifocals are great, my old computer glasses work fine, as well as my old prescription sunglasses.  The (expensive!) prism glasses in their pretty blue frames sit idly on my dresser.  Oh, and my brain tumor has disappeared along with the pain in my head.

I’ve always believed in miracles large and small, but I had a hard time believing that such an extraordinary gift would be mine.  I think I expected that Someone would realize the mistake and rescind the healing of my vision!  Every morning THWAM would smile knowingly and ask me, “Do you believe yet?”

A month has passed, I can see clearly, and I believe.

Love is everything.


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One Response to “This Is How It Happened”

  1. Martha Bailey on October 3rd, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Stories like this help me to believe, too! Thanks!