Simple Practices

As a very happily retired person with incredible amounts of free time on my hands, I find I do best with some predictable structure in my life to balance my freedom to do whatever I like whenever I like.  Some of my structures are Spirit-related, some are just life-related.

Every morning begins with meditation, and I have come to treasure these 45-60 minutes of peaceful connection.  Currently I am using a CD called Healing Mantras, performed by Deva Premal & the Gyuto Monks of Tibet.  They are performing sacred chants, each one 108 times.  I do not join in the chants myself because I find it distracting, but I do let these beautiful sounds vibrate within my body; I somehow sink into the chanting and it puts me into a very pleasant state where I feel I have restored my connection to All That Is or Spirit or God or Source or the Universe. I can perceive myself as part of the whole.  I am not so happy when some little necessary life thing zaps or shortens my meditation time, but tomorrow always offers another opportunity for bliss.

Also, on most mornings I am setting aside 30 minutes or so for just sitting outdoors.  From my seat on the porch I greet the trees and all growing things and the birds and squirrels and bunnies who stop by the feeding station.  All of these are those sentient beings I spoke of before, and they always greet me back with love.  We are peaceful together.  This is also the time I drink that first big bottle of water of the day.  My soul just says aaaahhhhhhhh. . . .

Going to Curves three mornings a week is kind of a holy structure too!  Yeah, sure, it’s exercise to keep my body moving, but that’s not the whole point for me.  This is a time to connect with Curves friends.  We laugh and commiserate over the pitfalls of aging, discuss what was on TV last night, tell great stories about our grandkids, and empathize with those who are going through a rough patch. These thirty minutes are meaningful in such unexpected ways!

THWAM and I have our own structure to help us maintain our connection as husband/wife/best friend.  We go out to lunch unfailingly twice a week, and it’s safe to say this simple practice is hugely meaningful to each of us.  Yes, we’re in the house together a lot, but getting out to a place where we sit down together face-to-face, eat food someone else cooked—well, it somehow strengthens our already phenomenal connection.  We’re so into it that if one of us has to miss a lunch day, we immediately schedule a make-up day.  It’s that important!

My last structure of the day is what I do just before I close my eyes to sleep.  I ask my guides and angels to be with me and I ask them to help me to send love and healing to myself and my loved ones, to friends, to acquaintances, to strangers, to humanity, to all sentient beings, to Gaia and beyond. And I speak my abundant gratitude aloud.

Love is everything.


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  1. nelda on October 3rd, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Robbie, You are so much fun! I love your blog. I hope you will tell your channeling group how get that DC you listen to. Love, Light, Peace, Nel Van Meter