Say What??!!!

I am going to tell you a true story, but before I do that I have some disclaimers.  In spite of what you may consider evidence to the contrary, I am not crazy.  I have not gone off the deep end, been led astray, or succumbed to an overactive imagination.  I am not suffering from dementia.  What I am is very well-grounded in a beautiful spiritual reality that may be somewhat different from the reality that you are experiencing.

This adventure began in the summer, around the time I was having all that eye business with the prisms and all.  That story turned out exceedingly well and so does this one.

I was driving home alone from a pleasant lunch with a good friend, across Plano in bright sunshine.  I had recently begun singing and toning in a voice that wasn’t mine, and I was doing that in the car simply because doing it made me feel really happy.  I had stopped worrying about where the voice came from and why, and just sang.

Then, somewhere there on Parker Road, the singing changed to speaking, accompanied by hand gestures.  The words spoken meant nothing to my brain, nor did the movement of my hand (the other hand was busy driving).  I had feelings of astonishment but no fear, was somewhat puzzled and a little bit amused.  I actually said out loud in the empty car, “What the HELL was that?!”  No one answered.

So over time I began to tentatively explore this Language that I could speak but not identify or understand.  I knew that it was something good because it felt ancient and holy and joyful when I spoke it.  As I began to disclose this gift to trusted friends, I saw a variety of reactions that were all good.  The most common comment was that they felt a strong vibrational energy in various parts of their physical body, especially the heart and head, or they just felt happy and at ease.  As these little practices went along, my spirit guides released more and more information to me intuitively.

Eventually I received a channeled message from my old friend Archangel Zadkiel.  He confirmed that I am speaking what is called the Language of Light.  It is the highest and purest of Divine energy and carries with it wonderful healing capabilities, right down to changing your DNA.  It works with your own soul or Higher Self to determine how it will affect you for your own Highest Good.  It will give you exactly what you need if you agree at the soul level to accept it. It cannot harm you, so fear not, for Heaven’s sake!  :-)

We are instructed not to attempt to identify or translate the Language, for it is not words and sentences as we are accustomed to hearing.  This Language does speak directly to the heart.  It is all language and no language.  Don’t translate it, just feel its very high vibration.

I have become stronger and stronger in my desire to use this gift of the Language of Light for the good of others.  I have learned that many of us Lightworkers are speaking it now, and more and more will begin to do so.  I am no longer shy about revealing this “oddity” about myself, and I will put it out there for you whenever I have the chance.  I’m asked by Spirit to use it, not keep it hidden away like some old religious relic.  This is for now, this is for you and me, this is for GOOD.  This is LOVE.

The Language is adding a whole new dimension to the sessions I do for clients in my home.  I have always combined energy healing with channeled readings, but now we are going deeper.  And they tell me that more amazing things will develop, that I will eventually be able to SEE what the energies are doing within the body.  I can’t wait!

If you see me around and you want a sample of what I’m doing these days, just ask.  I’ve already done it across the table in a restaurant and nobody noticed a thing.  And so what if they had?  No harm done, and maybe some good.  Joy!

Love is everything.

And here is my first self-recording of the Language of Light.  Many thanks to THWAM who acted as sound engineer.  Enjoy!

Language of Light 01




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3 Responses to “Say What??!!!”

  1. Martha Bailey on November 14th, 2014 at 6:46 am

    I am so excited about this recording….will listen over and over.

  2. Martha Bailey on November 14th, 2014 at 9:30 am

    It fills me with calm, happiness, and love! I wish you could have made a video of the hand movements.

  3. Heartsong Mama on November 14th, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    Beautiful Robbie! Thank you for sharing the recording!! What a gift the Language of Light is!! Much love to you!