The Even-Better Pause

I recently listened to a lecture by a woman named Barbara Marx Hubbard.  She was speaking on the occasion of her 85th birthday on December 22, 2014.  Her topic was the evolution of humans, especially over the span of her own lifetime.  Since her lifetime is almost exactly ten years longer than mine, I was interested. She spoke first about the amazing contributions of the Divine Masculine over those eight-and-a-half decades, pointing out that men were in their glory in the areas of competition, technology, warfare, industry and so forth.  Women, on the other hand, were mostly at home supporting the accomplishments of the men and having the babies.  Until the sixties, when we began to poke our heads out and look around.  We began to want something more, something different, even though we loved our children beyond measure.  The Divine Feminine was beginning to rise.  And we have been rising ever since. In truth, our beautiful Earth is in a bit of a pickle as a result of all that Masculine, and it is up to the Feminine to provide the balance needed in the form of love, compassion, grace, joy, empathy and so forth.  Mind you, this is my own interpretation of Barbara Hubbard’s talk, and it makes sense to me.  With this balance in place, humans are evolving into a better species, one that can pull off the raising up of life on Earth, actually saving our planet from becoming mired in a negative toxic soup of violence, greed, criminal behavior, and hatefulness.  Let’s go, girls! I want nothing greater in my life than to become a representative of all that the Divine Feminine is. I want to become one of the evolved examples of the new human species.  I’m working on it, if only in my awareness of the need to be better. But there’s some more really really good news delivered in this talk.  She said that at 85 she is noticing changes in herself, but they are not the changes of aging that she expected.  She actually feels that she is aging backwards now, feeling younger, stronger, happier, more fulfilled and more capable as the years pile on. YES I yelled, for I am experiencing similar feelings myself but have dismissed them as signs of creeping senility because well, how could it be true?  Thank you for this blessed validation, Ms. Hubbard! She even has a name for the phenomenon.  She speaks of the army of the Feminine in the world today, those of us who have passed so gorgeously through menopause.  We speak of ourselves as post-menopausal, but now I am giving you her new and much better term.  Like Barbara, we are regenerating ourselves, so we are in regenopause.  We are  REGENOPAUSAL!!  Ladies, can I hear a little  “gloriosky”, please?!! So, my beautiful Divines, let us get on with it. Love is everything. PS.  A little correction.  I am hope less at math but just figured out the difference in age here is almost ELEVEN years, not ten. I guess to err is still human, at least in my case.

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