Archangel Zadkiel Speaks

This channeling took place recently for a meet-up group called Messages from the Masters, which meets monthly.  I often channel there and enjoy it very much.  This text was transcribed from a recording by my friend Zedrouh Reich. I’m happy to have this transcription because Zadkiel had a lot to say and even though I am a conscious channeler, I don’t remember much of what is said after the fact.  So here is what he had to say, speaking through me:

I wish to speak to you about the Language of Light.  Some of you know that this one (Robbie) has been toying with it.  And there will be now some changes and I wish to talk with you about what you are calling the Language of Light, correctly, although it could be called much more for it encompasses more than spoken language.  But it is the spoken language that we wish to speak of now.  The ability to speak the Language of Light came upon this one much to her shock and surprise and she did not realize that she was preparing for a very long time.  And she did not realize, nor did you, that a lot of that preparation came here.  Within this group and other groups.  And do not think that your presence at any given time here is any sort of coincidence for it is not.  You are all connected with one another.  You show up not randomly or even to your own purpose.  You show up because you are called.  This one shows up because she is called.  I, Zadkiel, have been part of the preparation for this step.  And as I said it began long ago, then in the summer it arrived and she was like “snap”–oh I don’t know how to express.  So we told her it was a blessing and it was a nice thing to share.  And it is a blessing and it is a nice thing to share but we would have you know that it is more than that.  The source of the Language of Light is of the highest and purest energy of the Divine.  More and more people at this present time are beginning to speak and more and more will continue to.  It is not necessary and it is not recommended upon hearing a Language of Light speaker that you try in any way to translate.  For it is not the purpose of this language for you to understand it as your physical self.  However it is your Higher Self who will enable you to receive it and understand it.  Receiving it and understanding it in that way is extremely different from translating what sounds like words to you.  It is not helpful to try to identify a language, because the Language of Light is all language and even in one transmission your human ears will hear a variety of language.  And so it is all language and it is no language that you know.  So when you have an opportunity to hear, to experience the Language of Light it is helpful to simply open to it.  Open your heart.  Ask your Higher Self to help you receive it.  And don’t worry about understanding it.  The Language of Light does many, many different things.  It contains healing energy, it contains keys, it contains codes, it contains the energetic ability to change and modify DNA.  It is pure, divine energy.  It can really do what needs to be done for every person who hears it.  And every person hears it or receives it differently from the person next to them.

And as you, as the people in the group and the people you have spoken of and spoken to, you are ascending and as you ascend more and more of you will express the Language of Light in whatever way is right for you to express it.  For this one (Robbie) it is the spoken form.  For this one (Zedrouh) it is the tonal form or the musical form.  There are artists who paint the Language of Light or sculpt the Language of Light.  And it is powerful.  It can create change within individuals.  It is a blessing.  There is no doubt about it.  But we told her blessing because it sounded rather sweet.  And now we have prepared her to know in some part at least of what she has at her hand.  She will incorporate the Language much more deeply and strongly in her practice for she has offered to be the healer of the healers.  And you will experience, if you opt to do that, you will experience the Language.  And you will experience it tonight for we have asked her to bring it forth.  If you are willing.  This is still a little bit difficult for her to accept and she must let that go.  I heard some “let it go” mantras here and this one needs to let go her reluctance to accept what is given.  And she will.  I promise you.  For we are working hard.  And if you can help in that process, we bless you.  So in preparation, simply open.  Set intention for what you want to receive or set no intention at all and just receive.  But expect to receive pure Divine energy from the Highest Source.  And I thank you for allowing me to speak and I will step aside.

(Then each person in the room received a personal message in the Language of Light.)

Love is everything.




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